Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by the concept of trial run by your company ?

According to our company Trial run refers to a test run of our e-commerce website with our products before launching into the mainstream market.

What is the Difference Between trial run & normal sale ?

There will not be any visible difference between a trail run & normal as we need to collect the sincere and valuable suggestion about our product as well as our facility management and operations.The only visible difference is in our brand packing.

What is meant by the difference in brand packing ?

In this mode of sale we are shipping our products in a non customized packing. We will be online soon with our Authentic packaging style for everyone after the completion of the trail run.

Is there any change in the product Quality also ?

Normally there will not be any change in the product quality. But according to suggestions & feedback we source after the trail run will be considered in account. As we are open to suggestions.

What all are the benefits if I am participating in your trial run ?

Here are the few benefits if you are taking part in our trial run. You will be enrolled as our premium customer and we will award our gratitude towards you by providing you the Royale Premium Club Membership. The orders you are placing is now in flat 35 % off from the normal price. You will be getting free shipping & Tax exemption. In your Next orders you will get again a 20-30 % off extra other than the offer displayed in the website. Our every new products launched will be exclusively open for the premium members before the mainstream sale with extra added benefits. * Shipping outside India (international Shipping) is not Activated as if now. We will update it soon. * Shipping across whole India is Available.

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